WE UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGES FOR LIMOUSINE COMPANIES! Your Limo Business is your greatest asset. The normal day-to-day activities of your business are the reason why your insurance program and your plan for safety must be put together in a way that really provides the protection you need.

KEEP THE FLEET ON THE ROAD! There are many hidden costs associated with the limousine business when an acciden occurs: Lost productivity, replacement vehicle rental, accident forms and investigations, employee turnover, retraining of drivers, loss of revenues generated by key personnel, reduced employee morale and even excess supervisory or management time.

ARE THE BAD GUYS DRIVING THE RATES? Are you insured with a PROVEN limousine program that gives you a roadmap to control insurance costs? Limousine companies that have a clean operating history pay much less for insurance than those that have frequent accidents. We have a comprehensive 5-Point Plan that can put you on the road to gaining control over insurance costs and helping your limo busienss operate efficiently and safely.

PROFITABILITY! By reducing the cost of insurance and accidents, you can decrease your overhead. This will increase profits, help you be more competitive in your market and provide a safer work

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